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Warranty Information

Warranty Policy For Refurbished Machines

All machines are in a fully refurbished, working condition when they leave our facility and will be ready to use immediately upon delivery. However, please remember that these machines are used, and despite our best efforts, sometimes you may still encounter problems with any piece of floor equipment. Because of this we are extending a 30-day limited warranty with all used floor equipment unless otherwise stated. This warranty will replace any inoperable part with either a new part or a used part from our inventory at our discretion. All labor charges will be paid for by Performance Systems. Below are the steps that should be taken if a problem has occurred:

  1. Call Performance Systems at 319-472-3011 and dial extension 4 for the service department. Explain the problem to the technician and allow him to determine the issue. Many times it is a small issue that can be resolved over the phone.
  2. If a certified technician is required, Performance Systems has the right to choose to send the machine back for immediate repair or contact a local repair shop. If we decide to ship it back we will cover the cost of shipping and all parts. If we decide to contact a local repair shop we will contact them directly and explain the problem. (NOTE: if you take your machine to a repair shop or replace any parts without contacting Performance Systems and following our steps, the warranty is void and you will not be paid for expenses incurred.)
  3. Performance Systems can send new or used parts to your facility or to the local repair shop to fix the problem. Whether new or used parts are used is up to the discretion of our technician.
  4. If we send it to a local repair shop and have the machine fixed, all parts and labor will be covered by Performance Systems.

We will work with you as quickly as possible to resolve any issues; we fully understand you need your machine working in your facility.

If you have any questions about the warranty please contact Vince: vince@psjanitorial.com

Return Policy

If, for whatever reason, you decide you do not want the machine, you may return the machine within 30 days in the exact condition as it was received in. The buyer must pay shipping on return with insurance included in that price and a restocking fee of 15% of the total price of the unit. Buyer will also pay for any damages or repairs to machines as determined by our technicians once we receive the machine back at our facility, and no refund will be given until the machine has been examined. Buyer must also palletize and assist in shipping the same as they did upon receipt.


If batteries are included in a machine, the machine clearly states the condition of the battery, but does not necessarily state what type of battery is being used in machine. Unless stated in the description, we will put the battery of our choice in the machine, although any batteries may be upgraded on any machine for the price difference as an upgrade charge. If you need a certain amount of run time or battery, please let us know before the machine is purchased so we can put the correct batteries for your needs.

Service Center

If you have any questions with your machine, please contact our full service center that can be reached at 319-472-3011 ext 4. They will be happy to help with machine issues and any parts which you may need.

Need More Equipment?

If in the future you are in need of more equipment please let us know so we can find machines that best fit your needs. We sell refurbished automatic walk-behind and rider scrubbers, carpet extractors, electric, propane and battery burnishers. Please call Vince at 319-472-3011 ext #1 or email at vince@psjanitorial.com

Thank you for your business!