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Advance Floor Machines (Refurbished)

Performance Janitorial is proud to sell Advance Floor Machines. Purchase either new or refurbished models, to add to your cleaning toolbox or shed, as it were. We want to provide products that increase cleaning efficiency as well as safety for the operators and passersby.

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The Benefits of Floor Scrubbers

Grimy floors take a psychological toll on the people who see them, and a bigger one on the people who own them. We don’t like seeing the detritus that gathers over time, especially when it comes from our daily choice of shoes. Dirt makes us think of disorder and poor hygiene, which lowers our morale.

Floor machines are an emotional and physical benefit for workspaces, retail spaces, and other areas of business. While the mop and bucket are a reliable standby, and we will always show gratitude towards these tools, we need to upgrade for businesses. The electronic Roomba or Scooba cannot cut it; cleaning equipment needs to grow with the volume they have to clean.

Floor machines assist in cleanliness and general hygiene on a massive scale. Some specialize in extracting dust from carpets, which is especially useful when you have linoleum floors. Others apply layers of wax to polish floors and ensure that grime only gathers on the layer, and not on the tiles or wood.

In addition, floor machines save on time and manual labor. Workers who use floor machines are less likely to strain their arms and backs while manning a mop and bucket. They can also cover more surface area in a fewer amount of hours, which reduces labor costs for building owners and superintendents.

Advance Machines

Advance Machines for many years has developed technology that aims to build sustainability and increase safety. Minimal machine noise under 65 decibels reduces the annoyance of cleaning when you want to stay low-key, and battery-operated models come with chargers.

One special feature is determining water and chemical flow, which in turn allows the user to determine the proportions of water to a designated cleaning solution. This is especially important if you have tiles or wood that have fragile properties.

Our Recommendations

Browse through our selection of advance floor machines. Some of these items qualify for free shipping, and our experts will help with any questions that you have.

Take a look at our popular Refurbished Advance Warrior ST 32" Auto Scrubber. This carries thirty gallons of solution for your cleaning needs and is simple for anyone to use. Choose pad drivers or bristle brushes.

Do you have a lot of carpets to clean? Our Refurbished Advance Aqua Clean ST 16" Electric Carpet Extractor will assist with that, using 8-gallon tanks for solution and recovery. Adjust the handle to your preference, and use the extension cord when necessary.

Learn More From PS Janitorial

PS Janitorial is dedicated to helping you find the best equipment for your building and cleaning operations. Our experts are well-versed in what models suit your working conditions and expectations.

Contact us today to find out recommendations on new and refurbished machines. We will be very happy to add some shine to your cleaning crews.