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As we navigate the highway at the start of a workday, we may notice construction or maintenance work. Electricians stand high in the air repairing telephone wires, making sure to keep their balance. They wear hard hats and other safety equipment.

We think we know the name for the devices they stand on, but it passes over our minds because the rest of the day distracts us. If we work in the construction or repair industry, however, then we know the names of those devices, and why we need them. You know why you use a boom lift and not a scissor lift or other aerial platform.

Workers would rather know the name -- articulating or telescopic boom lift-- and not look down while painting a building. That way if maintenance crews need to change the batteries in their boom lift, they know if they need a JLG 1930es battery or a Trojan T-105 for a deep cycle. The right battery model can make all the difference, and knowing what you can use instead when a budget changes.

Why Does Your Boom Lift Need Batteries?

You use a boom lift because you like the flexibility. The hydraulic arm allows you to maneuver around obstacles, which is especially useful for cleaning up after hurricanes or mending damaged powerlines. An aerial work platform can make all the difference to ensure construction or window-cleaning goes smoothly.

A boom lift can increase safety when making repairs at great heights. Maintaining your boom lift is tantamount to reducing the risk of hazard. Some government agencies have released simulations of working on a boom lift, and you want to beat the simulations.

How We Can Energize Your Boom Lift

Boom lifts, like other electrical machines, run on heavy-duty aerial lift batteries. That is where Performance Systems Janitorial can help; we store the heavy-duty batteries so that you don’t have to, including stock for JLG battery replacement. If you need a deep cycle battery for your construction project, we have you covered. We want your access platform to keep working, and allow workers to come down when they’re done for the day.

In addition, we can also ensure efficient and high-value service. At Performance Systems Janitorial, we can offer you free shipping if you order four or more boom lift batteries, while other stores may charge up to one hundred and fifty dollars to mail batteries to your door. You won’t have to worry about expensive replacement, or about storing potentially hazardous supplies over time. If you need more types of boom lift energy, like a Deep Cycle 6 Volt, our stock has you covered. Our experts can also recommend affordable battery models that can power your boom lift and fit your budget. We have competitive lift battery prices and various options so as to give you value for every dollar spent.

We want your workers safe and happy, and projects to finish on time. Contact us today and we can return the spark to your boom lift.