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Clarke Floor Scrubbers - Refurbished

Clarke floor scrubbers here are available for your cleaning services. We have various models that can fulfill your needs -- new and refurbished. If you need nose cones with the scrubbers, we list which machines will have the parts in question. Clarke has been a pioneer for industrial solutions, and we are proud to display their products at PS Janitorial.

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Why Floor Scrubbers

Cleaning is highly laborious and painstaking. Especially when you have a large number of floors to clean, and grime that accumulates daily, mopping floors can take chunks of time out of people’s day, as well as strain their limbs. Dirty floors can ruin morale, especially when you are a workplace or retail area that services many people. You want to get rid of that grime while keeping down cleaning expenses.

An automatic floor scrubber takes out a high portion of the manual labor and takes janitorial staff off their knees. This reduces liability from the people you hire and will boost worker morale. These machines can cover more surface area than a crew with mops and buckets can. In addition, they can receive upgrades or redesigns to clean dust out of carpets, polish wax on the floors.

About Clarke

Clarke since its 1920s inception has been about solving problems that plague the average person, with new ideas. This desire to solve problems led to the first automatic floor scrubber in the 1950s. The company called it the Clarke-A-Matic, a battery-powered machine. Unsurprisingly, the product was a hit.

Since then, Clarke has been innovating technology to increase operator safety, productivity, and machine durability. They work on finding what problems need solving, so as to fulfill existing needs.

Our Recommendations

Browse through our selections to find out what Clarke floor scrubber will revolutionize your workplace. Choose pad drivers or bristle style brushes to select a cleaning style, and increase pressure with the push of a button. Some of our products qualify for shipping.

The Refurbished Clarke Encore 33" Autoscrubber is one of our more popular products. It comes with no nose cone, but that will not affect the cleaning function and only creates aesthetic differences. The scrubber comes with batteries and a charger, so you will never run out of energy when you need a charge.

If you need a controllable walk-behind floor scrubber, the Refurbished Clarke Focus S-28" 36V is self-propelled and has a simple system to learn. We’ve installed a new squeegee rubber to allow for refreshing cleaning. Control speed easily and use the durable palm depress handles to get a grip on your machine and water levels. Navigate floors and a cleaning routine with ease.

Learn More About Clarke Floor Scrubbers

Performance Janitorial Systems is happy to display Clarke Floor Scrubbers and is happy to answer any questions you have about our new or refurbished products. Our experts can inform you of what models will serve your cleaning crew or business needs.

Reach out to us today. We will be very happy to help you get outfitted for cleaning operations.