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The highways seem dangerous. Cars navigate the lanes at breakneck speed. Occasionally you may see boats tied to trunks, or horses whinnying from behind metal slots. Green signs indicate the exits, which seem to stretch forever. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll spot cows in the field and the occasional billboard.

You show no fear or worries about needing to find a hotel in the middle of nowhere or refilling on gas. The tank indicates that you have several hours to go, and plenty of time when traveling cross-country. Your RV is good to go, and ready for the journeys ahead. So are you, the constant, faithful driver.

Running Your RV

You own an RV because you like to camp, own the road, or have planned a nice vacation. Festivals like Burning Man boast a good number of RV drivers in attendance. Or you drive south for the winter and head north for the summer are called snowbirds.

States have different designations on RV types and classes, not the least which that they can serve as a home and reliable transport. Some of these definitions for motorhome names can also define state laws regarding parking RVs; some cities have trailer parks, where people can let their camper rest and serve as their address. At camping grounds, drivers can stop for the night, without needing to pitch a tent or rent a cabin. Some spots have Wi-Fi and a place to fill up and clean up any sewage tanks.

You invested in a mobile home or got a rental RV. To get that ownership, you have met the classes’ license requirements that states require. Even so, you need to make sure you can maintain yourself on the road. Batteries are a good place to start.

A Class Act for Batteries

If you drive an RV, you need to have batteries on hand, and not the ones that cars use daily. Regular car batteries jumpstart the engine. Whether in a Class 1 RV or a Winnebago, you need a 12-volt deep cycling battery to run all the appliances in your vehicle. If you don’t, then the lights will go out, as will the stove for cooking. In a perfect world, these batteries run for five years. They are rechargeable, but they take a very long time to get their juice.

When batteries die on the road, you can end up stranded. Winter cold can make unused batteries go flat, which can put a person in a precarious spot. AAA may take its time reaching you for repair. You should have the tools to head back on the road.

How We Can Help

Performance Systems Janitorial has a wide array of batteries available. We want to provide the best-suited product for your vehicle. When you need a deep cycling battery, a charger for the road, or enough to assemble an RV bank, we have you covered.

In addition, we also offer free shipping on batteries. Most places cannot offer this due to the risk of sending hazardous material.  

Contact us today to find the right battery for your vehicle.