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Bristle Material Types:

Union Mix: This natural fiber is an excellent material for dust control and sweeping fine debris, but has a relatively shorter wear life than other materials.

Nylon: Nylon bristles provide excellent wear life, and is slightly more aggressive than Union Mix. This material offers good hopper loading performance, however it does not perform well in moist conditions or high humidity. Nylon brooms are well suited for use on rough surfaces or in high-temperature environments because of its toughness and long wear characteristics.

Poly: Polypropylene is an economical bristle material that is excellent for sweeping most soiled areas under medium dust conditions. Poly bristle is excellent for use in wet conditions as it retains its stiffness when wet, however this material is not recommended for use in high-temperature environments or for higher temperature debris. Brush life is considered good to very good.

Proex: Considered to be a good universal all-purpose bristle material, Proex offers excellent sweeping performance either indoors or outdoors, including environments with dampness or high humidity. As with Poly, this bristle material is not recommended for very high temperature applications. Proex is a blend of 3 different diameter polypropylene bristles that provide excellent all purpose sweeping, good dust control, and good to very good brush life.

Union and Wire: In this fill combination the Union fiber is well suited for sweeping fine debris and exhibits excellent dust control that compliments the light cutting action of wire bristles on impacted dirt and mud. Union and Wire composition has a shorter wear life compared to Proex and Wire .