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Tennant 5680 Walk Behind Scrubber

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Picking out a scrubber can be tricky, that’s why Performance Systems is here to help. In addition to carrying the latest new machines on the market, we also offer our customers used scrubbers that are fully refurbished and cost less.
Tennant is one of the most renowned brands we offer. In addition to Tennant Scrubbers, we also offer all the part for the machine if you ever need it.
We understand the needs of large facilities such as airports, warehouses, malls, supermarkets, and even hospitals to have the best machine on hand for cleaning operations and save money in the process. Introducing one of our most popular machines, the Refurbished Tennant 5680 Walk Behind Scrubber
This walk behind scrubber will have your floors dry and ready to use in no time. This machine promises versatility with its interchangeable scrub heads, free-floating squeegee, and compact design, allowing you to maneuver around any tight corners and narrow pathways on your job site. With a heritage of outstanding engineering and design, the 5680 delivers the consistent performance, reliable operation, and quality assurance cleaning professionals need along with the success they desire.

Three Refurbished Tennant 5680 Floor Scrubbers

Why get one when you can get three for a reduced price? This package deal of Tennant 5680 floor scrubbers comes with three machines that have been recently refurbished and will be sent to your location ready to use that day. Specially designed for large facilities, this package is sure to save your business a great deal.
Performance Refurbishing Process
Our refurbishing process consists of thoroughly inspecting, cleaning, and repairing our inventory of scrubbers. This allows us to offer high-performing machines from top manufacturers like Tennant that your business can rely on.

Performance Systems Tech Support

We have a team ready to assist and address any problem or complication your machine may experience. In the extreme case that your scrubber requires to be taken away for an extended period of time, we will provide a replacement free of charge because we understand the importance of cleaning operations, especially if your business is traffic-heavy.

Ready to Invest in a Scrubber you Can Trust? Discover More Scrubbers and Parts Today

In case you are looking for more, be sure to keep an eye on our inventory of used floor sweepers so you can take advantage of prices that can be hundreds or thousands of dollars below list price. We are committed to helping you get the scrubber that will meet your cleaning situation. We carry a variety of other options and parts. We will also ship and deliver your Scrubber for free if your business has a receiving dock.
Our friendly financing program also makes it easy to get the machines you need through affordable monthly payments. Find out how your business can qualify for free shipping so you can save even more. Ask us about our used scrubbers and find the perfect solution for your business by contacting us today!