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Tennant 5680 Walk Behind Scrubber

Tennant And Nobles Floor Machines

Performance Janitorial Systems is proud to sell Tennant and Nobles Floor Machines. We want to distribute products that will make your cleaning jobs easier, and to make sure that your floors stay pristine. Tennant and its imprint Nobles both create cleaning machines that any company can use. They want to serve you, the customer.

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Refurbished Nobles 3301 33" Floor Scrubber Photo Refurbished Nobles 3301 33" Floor Scrubber
Our Price: $3,795.00
Sale Price: $3,695.00
Refurbished Tennant 5700 XP 28" Cylindrical Sweeper/Scrubber Photo Refurbished Tennant 5700 XP 28" Cylindrical Sweeper/Scrubber
List Price: $6,795.00
Our Price: $6,795.00
3 Refurbished Tennant 32" 5680 Floor Scrubbers 3 Refurbished Tennant 32" 5680 Floor Scrubbers
List Price: $13,485.00
Our Price: $12,885.00
Sale Price: $12,885.00

How To Clean Large And Small Floors

Floors get dirty easily. They collect scum from the bottoms of our shoes, from wheels of carts. We don’t think of it until we see the grime accumulate, and then we try to wipe it off with a paper towel or a mop. Unfortunately, the more time passes between cleaning, the harder the dirt sticks to the floor and becomes part of the decoration. No one wants to see blackened floors in their workplace building, especially if you’re in the entertainment industry. It takes the fun out of a holiday party as you stand around and mingle.

A floor machine is made to peel away weeks or months of grime, sometimes even years. It saves backbreaking labor with a mop and bucket in commercial facilities. You and your company will also save on labor costs that cleaning crews will charge, whether or not you run a crew or you hire one. We can help you find the right one that is suited for your cleaning budget.

The Tennant Company’s Cleaning Reputation

We are proud to host Tennant Company products because this brand is all about cleaning consciously, and with sustainable methods for the long run. Tennant focuses on ethical motivation to direct its line of production. They have a 39-page statement on what principles the company follows and what they hope to maintain over the years.

Our most popular Tennant machine is the Refurbished Tennant 5680 28" Disk Floor Scrubber. It is reliable and durable. Choose from several brush options, and including scrub pads and Bristle Brush. Scrub decks are available on request. Know you’ll leave your floor in a better place than when you left it. Use the 28-inch scrub head to mop the floor.

Why We Love Nobles

Nobles engineers make sure to design their machines for the daily grind. Owned by the Tennant Company, Nobles as an imprint has the goal to provide affordable and useful tools.

Consider our newly refurbished Nobles EZ Rider Scrubber Like Tennant 7100, which qualifies for free shipping. The scrubber holds about 28 gallons of solution, more than enough to clean a single room. Compact and designed with a low learning curve, this machine assists in keeping smaller buildings clean. Use scrub pads or pad drivers to clean along with Bristle Pads.

Learn More From PS Janitorial

Are you having trouble deciding on the right floor scrubber for your business or cleaning company? Our experts can help you find the right cleaning equipment that can help wipe the floor with life, and against the accumulation of grime.

Send us a message today; be sure to let us know your cleaning goals for the year.