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Carpet cleaning companies and professional contractors need durable and reliable machinery to ensure their jobs are completed to the highest standard each time. Carpet extractors are must-haves, as they do the deep cleaning work necessary to rid the carpet of heavily embedded soil. Left unchecked, dirt, dust, and allergens can have severe effects on health, which is why extractors play such a vital role. Since these machines get a lot of use there are times when you will need to replace an extractor and upgrade your arsenal so you can continue to perform your best work.

If you're managing a larger enterprise-level facility, then there's no reason to not have several of these on hand at any given time. They'll help your crews finish the job that much faster! Keeping a few on hand is also a great idea to prevent downtime. Should one machine go down or run out of juice, you'll have others ready to take their place.

However, new carpet extractors can be costly when you have an unexpected replacement to buy. This is why Performance Systems offers high-quality used carpet extractors at affordable prices. Save hundreds of dollars compared to new models while getting a machine that has undergone a rigorous process before being put up for sale. We examine each of our used machines, make any necessary repairs, and ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. In addition, our easy financing plan allows you to make smaller payments towards the final cost of the machine so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Parts for All Refurbished Machines

Once you have a carpet extractor, you more than likely won't have to replace it for many years to come. These are reliable devices that have rather long lifespans, which make them popular with custodians who are up against a tight budget. All you'll need to keep them running smoothly for many years to come is a steady supply of replacement parts.

For instance, you'll want to replace the batteries on a regular basis. New deep-cycle carpet extractor batteries will keep an older machine running like the day it came off the assembly line. In most cases, these batteries will actually hold more of a charge than the original ones that came with the machine did.

That's because Performance Systems only markets the highest density batteries available for this particular use case. Once you have some new batteries installed, though, you'll want to look to ensure that the rest of your machine's components are all in good working order as well.

If anything needs replacement, then we'll be sure to hook you up with whatever you need to restore your equipment.

Repair Services for Carpet Extractors

If you're struggling to get your existing equipment running again, then our expert technicians may be able to help. They're equipped to diagnose and solve problems on all major makes and models of carpet extractors. Perhaps most importantly, they can come to you. Our crews offer on-site repairs throughout Iowa as well as the lower peninsula of Michigan.

Those who run businesses located far outside of this area may want to check out our Manuals database, which can help you locate the right replacement part for the job. We also offer a number of repair articles for free. Simply visit our Educational knowledge base.

Once you've been able to find the problem, Performance Systems can get you the supplies that you need to fix it yourself. It's a good idea to order more than one of each, just in case, the same problem was ever to rear its ugly head all over again.

Ordering Refurbished Carpet Extractors & Components

We are committed to helping you get the extractor that will meet your unique situation. This is why we carry a variety of options and sizes. We will also ship and deliver your extractor for free if your business has a receiving dock. Ask us about our used carpet extractors and find the perfect solution for your business by contacting us today! Simply contact us online and speak with one of our seasoned experts.

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