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Refurbished NSS Wrangler 3330 Floor Scrubber Photo Onyx JX 27" Propane Buffer Photo Nobles EZ Rider Scrubber LIKE TENNANT 7100 Photo
Newly refurbished floor scrubber!

Learn more about our high standards for refurbishing machines.

  • Fully self-propelled
  • Variable speed wheel-drive in both forward and reverse
  • 33” scrub path
  • 30-gallon solution and recovery tanks
  • Scrub head has 2 down positions: Position 1 gives 100 lbs down pressure, 2nd position 200 lbs
  • Powerful ¾ HP scrub motor
  • New rear squeegee bar rubber
  • New scrub head splash skirt rubber
  • 36-volt battery system for extended scrub times
    • Battery charger included
    • Free batteries included
      • Save 48% - 66% on battery upgrades, available only at the time of machine purchase
    • Your choice of either:
      • Pad drivers for scrub pads
      • Bristle style scrub brushes
    For more information, contact Vince: 319-472-3011 x1 or vince@psjanitorial.com.
    Brand new propane buffer with factory warranty.

    Onyx Black Diamond Burnishers have earned a reputation for being productive, reliable, and safe. Black Diamond Burnishers are widely used by cleaning personnel and professional contractors in the educational, institutional and grocery, and retail industries to maintain high-gloss flooring.

    • Productive:
      • All Onyx JX Burnishers feature powerful propane engines that maintain speed under heavy loads
      • Large 20-pound propane cylinders offer long working time between refills
      • 34,000 SQ ft per hour with the 27” pad
      • 1750 RPM pad Speed
      • New generation 18 HP Kawasaki
      • 12V battery and key start
      • New state of the art Lehr Fuel System- the most advanced LPG fuel system on the market
    • Reliable:
      • All Onyx equipment is designed and built with durability, reliability and safety at the forefront. Black Diamond Burnishers feature rugged cast aluminum powder coated housings, Harpoon pad drivers that reduce pad expansion, and long-lasting, maintenance-free Gel batteries.
    Onyx JX Burnishers are safe for the environment and safe for the operator:
    Low Oil Shutdown, High Emission Shutdown, and Safety Fill Fuel Cylinders are just a few of the on-board safety features offered.

    LEHR Fuel System: Unique and cutting edge benefits to this system. Not found on any other propane burnisher!
    -3 Stage Pressure Regulator for more precise calibration and fuel metering
    -Slide Venturi Air Control for less air turbulence for more complete combustion.
    -Variable Needle Fuel Jet for lower CO levels at ALL throttle positions, greatly improving fuel economy and greatly reducing emissions.
    -Heat Transfer Vapor Technology which eliminates conductive heat transfer and failures caused by overfilled propane tanks and injection of condensed propane to liquid.

    All these benefits are ONLY found on an Onyx buffer with the LEHR Fuel system!

    • Factory warranty
    • Empty propane cylinder
    For more information, contact Vince: 319-472-3011 x1 or vince@psjanitorial.com.
    Newly refurbished Nobles EZ Rider Floor Scrubber!

    • 32" cleaning path (dual 16" disk scrubbing)
    • 28-gallon solution tank and 30-gallon recovery tank
    • Easy to use controls makes cleaning your facility easy and effortless
    • One of the best compact riders on the market today! Easy to drive and great vantage viewpoint behind the wheel to control machine close to objects. Water and flow controls are also very user friendly.
    • Made by Tennant (one of the most reliable brands on the market today)
    • New batteries
    • Battery charger
    • Your choice of either:
      • Pad drivers for scrub pads
      • Bristle style scrub brushes
    To learn more about our standards regarding refurbished scrubbers so that you will know what to expect click HERE.

    For more information, contact Vince: 319-472-3011 x1 or vince@psjanitorial.com