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6 Things To Do When You Are Finished Scrubbing Your Floor
❑ Drain the Tanks and Flush Them Out With Clean Water Check for obstructions in the tank itself or the hoses and use a pressure hose to spray them out. Leave the tank and the recovery drain valve o
7 Things To Check Before Cleaning a Floor With Your Scrubber
❑ Dry Mop the Floor Yes, it takes a little more time, but it's so worth the effort! By dry mopping you will avoid getting debris sucked up into your vacuum hose or interfering with your squeegee do
Don't Neglect Your Batteries - It Will Cost You!
The deep cycle batteries in your floor scrubber represent a significant investment. They are generally very reliable, and so after many cycles of charging, using the machine, and then recharging them
Don't Neglect Your Charger - It Will Cost You!
What Are the Signs of a Failing Charger? • Do you hear excessive noise when it is running? You may hear something that sounds like howling or buzzing. This could mean that the internal fan is on it
Don't Neglect Your Vacuum Motor - It Will Cost You!
The vac motor on your floor scrubber plays an important role in cleaning the floor. Let's face it, without it you would just be pushing around a river of dirty water ! But here's the thing, like all
How Do We Refurbish a Floor Scrubber?
Buying a used, refurbished floor scrubber can feel a little bit like buying a used car. If you are going to invest in a used machine, you want to feel confident that you are making a good investment.
How To Maintain Your Propane Buffer
What Should I Do? My Squeegee is Leaving Streaks
If you have used a scrubber for any extended period of time you probably have experienced this problem. Isn't it annoying? Don't worry, with a little investigation, this is a very fixable problem. He