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We all recognize the telltale screech. A large machine whirring away and blocking part of a hallway. The slippery sensation of wax under our feet. Sometimes we get the temptation to slide on the floor and emulate our favorite figure skaters.

Usually, however, we try to walk gingerly and not slip as the machine keeps running. Meanwhile, you keep polishing away. The machine finishes up, and the floor now has a wet gleam.

Floor burnishers and buffers greatly assist in maintaining appearances in buildings. They also prevent hard surfaces from wearing down over time. That saves on the costs of having to renovate or replace bits of the building every year. Retailers greatly benefit from keeping their commercial floors safe.

It can be hard to make a choice on what model to get. And should you get a burnisher or a buffer? Which is better for cleaning and polishing? What would work better for the time and budget that you have? We can answer all of these questions.

Floor Burnishers And Buffers

Both floor burnishers and buffers have the same goal: polish a floor and remove any residue. Usually, they wipe off the top layer of wax, which has gathered grime from people walking all over it and replace the dirty polish. They don’t clean necessarily, but they help make wood or tiles look nice and shiny. The main difference lies in their polishing speeds and sizes, as well as how shiny the floor appears afterward.

When you use a burnisher, you often have more floor space and less time. They polish faster, apply a larger amount of pressure while working, and can cover more surface area. Often the machine applies extra polish, to ensure that the floor won’t get worn down by people’s shoes.

Buffers are better when you need to do less work in floor polishing. These work for buildings on a budget, or that have smaller floors. While the buffer’s squeegees are meant to grab stray dirt and grime, they can’t be used for cleaning exclusively. They catch anything that a mop couldn’t clean.

Why Get A Battery-Operated Buffer or Burnisher?

Getting a buffer or burnisher that runs on batteries means you have to rely on cords and outlets less. That may not seem like much, but when you are cleaning a large floor, having too many extension cords can risk them tripping up people passing by or trying to walk. Risk of tripping can increase liability and reduce safety while cleaning.

From a more pragmatic standpoint, having a battery-powered machine means that you have more flexibility and mobility to take the buffer anywhere. Power cords need plugging into an outlet, and sometimes a room has no space for an outlet on a particular wall.

Learn More From PS Janitorial

PS Janitorial wants to provide the right equipment to help you keep your floors nice and polished. We have models available, and experts that can tell you if a buffer or a burnisher would do better for your home or workplace.

Contact us today. We will be very happy to help add some shine to your floors.