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Refurbished Propane Powered Floor Buffer

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Refurbished Eagle Talon 21" Propane Buffer Photo Advance PBU 27" 2011 propane buffer with 18HP Kaw Onyx Black Diamond 27" Propane Buffer - Refurbished
Refurbished Advance PBU 21" Propane Buffer Photo Refurbished Stonekor 21" Propane Buffer with 18HP Kaw Photo Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 28" Propane Buffer- 3 years old or less!
Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 28" Propane Buffer- 3 years old or less!
Our Price: $1,895.00
Deal of the Month Price: $1,395.00
Savings: $500.00

Refurbished Betco 21" Propane Buffer Photo Refurbished Betco 27" Propane Buffer with 18HP Kawasaki Engine Photo Refurbished Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine 28" Photo
Refurbished Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine 28"
Our Price: $3,195.00
Sale Price: $3,195.00
5 x Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 28" Propane Buffer- 3 years old or less!
5 x Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 28" Propane Buffer- 3 years old or less!
Our Price: $9,475.00
Deal of the Month Price: $6,750.00
Savings: $2,725.00

Propane-powered floor buffers and burnishers are convenient because they don't require an electrical power source to run. Battery-powered units work great in a majority of situations. Once their batteries start to run down, you can simply take them to get charged up again. With the deep-cycle batteries that Performance Systems makes sure to install on all of their refurbished machines, you might even be doing this less than you imagined.

However, these machines are still limited by their reliance on electricity. So if you need to keep your floors buffed and burnished even when power isn't available, then propane-powered machinery is the way to go.

Best of all, refurbished burnishers from Performance Systems Janitorial are remarkably less expensive than new models so you'll be able to keep your facility tidy for less.

Different Styles of Propane-powered Floor Buffers

You're most likely to see freestanding models that offer a handle for the operator to hold onto, but there are a number of other form factors that become available on the used market from time to time. These units aren't run all that much different from their battery-powered counterparts so you won't have to worry about retraining your janitorial staff either. They'll be able to pick them up and keep the floors sparkling even if they've never worked with this kind of equipment before.

Due to the fact that they're powered by propane-driven motors, these machines are rated in terms of horsepower much like lawnmowers and other similar devices. More powerful motors are normally capable of driving larger brush heads. You'll want to match the size of the onboard power unit with your company's demands.

Used Floor Buffers for Industrial Facilities

Propane is among the most popular power sources for industrial cleaning equipment, which means that many pieces of pre-owned equipment are put up for sale on a regular basis. These floor buffers are often used in facilities where forklifts are a common sight. Since many popular forklift models run on propane, this source of fuel is readily found on site.

These machines tend to be extremely durable. Any engines they're mounted with are generally made by major suppliers, which helps to keep the quality consistently high. Many people have reported that properly maintained gear can run for thousands of hours.

As a result, these devices often outlive their usefulness at large facilities that are always changing out janitorial gear on a regular basis. Technicians from PS Janitorial give every machine that these places cast off a thorough cleaning and then proceed to check each part individually.

If the machines can't be repaired, then we strip them down for parts. We never put junk on the market. Even the used propane-powered floor buffers that do pass our stringent tests go through a long rebuilding process to make sure that they're ready to go back on the market.

Naturally, if you're looking for floor buffer parts that can help you keep your existing gear run longer you've come to the right place too!

Ordering Refurbished Propane-driven Floor Burnishers for Your Business

Countless businesses use their propane-powered floor buffers for around two or three years and then get rid of them. Their loss is your gain! If you've ever wanted to invest in lower cost equipment that lets you get the same amount of work done as the latest models, then this is your chance! Contact us online today and talk to one of our experienced representatives. They'll help you learn more about what used models are currently up for sale and figure out which one is right for your business.