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Refurbished Tennant Floor Scrubbers - Battery Powered

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Refurbished Tennant 5700 32" Disk Floor Scrubber Photo Refurbished Tennant 5700 32" Disk Floor Scrubber
Our Price: $4,995.00
Sale Price: $4,995.00
Refurbished Tennant 5700 XP 28" Cylindrical Sweeper/Scrubber Photo Refurbished Tennant 5700 XP 28" Cylindrical Sweeper/Scrubber
List Price: $6,795.00
Our Price: $6,795.00
Tennant 5700 XP 28" Cylindrical Scrubber/Sweeper with Wand Photo Tennant 5700 XP 28" Cylindrical Scrubber/Sweeper with Wand
List Price: $15,000.00
Our Price: $7,495.00
3 Refurbished Tennant 32" 5680 Floor Scrubbers 3 Refurbished Tennant 32" 5680 Floor Scrubbers
List Price: $13,485.00
Our Price: $12,885.00
Sale Price: $12,885.00

Tennant is a leading manufacturer of high-quality floor cleaning devices, and they've long been one of the most innovative in the field. Their floor scrubbers are offered in a wide variety of sizes and form factors, so you can easily find something that fits the specific needs of your company. Best of all, they're built extremely tough so refurbished Tennant floor scrubbers are often seen as every bit as dependable as new ones.

While these machines are designed to stand up to the harshest environments, they're also gentle enough to work on the most delicate floors. A full range of replacement parts and supplies are available, so you can be sure that your crews can keep an affordable refurbished unit running just as long as one they got fresh off the shelf. Some custodians even prefer cleaning with used Tennant floor scrubbers since all the bugs have been worked out of them.

How Tennant Floor Scrubbers get Refurbished

Technicians from PS Janitorial make sure to check every aspect of the machines we put up for sale. Each component is tested to ensure that it performs as well as a new one. If there's any problem, then that individual device gets replaced long before we ever send it to the open market. While you might have grown accustomed to calling these devices used Tennant floor scrubbers, we prefer to think of them as renovated.

Most of the units we offer are within three or four years of age, and should boast the latest innovations yet at a lower price point. Not always, but generally they feature new disk scrub heads and skirts. Most importantly, they come with a charger and free batteries.

New deep-cycle batteries can often outperform those that originally came with the scrubber when it was sold. You can also save on special battery upgrades at the time of the refurbished machine's purchase, which is a great idea if you run a business with high-traffic areas that need to be regularly polished until they sparkle.

Additional Options Available for Refurbished Tennant Floor Scrubbers

Depending on your custodial needs, you might select a new set of everyday use bristle scrub brushes. These are perfect for a majority of use cases, but you can also select pad drivers for using traditional scrub pads if you need extra deep cleaning. Either one of these comes with a majority of units, so you'll be able to choose between these two regardless of the kind of floor scrubber you decide to invest in.

Keep in mind that we also offer all relevant replacement parts for Tennant floor scrubbers. You can find almost anything you'll need in our catalog. If you're having trouble in the future and you're located in Iowa or lower Michigan, then we even have service plans available for you.

We vow to never sell anyone junk. All of our refurbished Tennant floor scrubbers are thoroughly cleaned before being put up for sale. In fact, we like to think of it as giving them a bath. Electrical technicians inspect all of the following components immediately after the cleaning:

  • Transaxle
  • Wheels
  • Brushes
  • Controller CPU
  • Vac motor
  • Potentiometer

That's not to mention the mechanical inspection and overhaul they receive! More than likely, you're concerned about leaks when buying used equipment. Our crews make sure that nothing we ship ever suffers from this potentially messy problem. Any machines that don't meet all of our stringent requirements are stripped down for parts rather than sold to consumers.

If you're looking to get a gently used machine that can help keep your business' floors clean, then contact us online today! Performance Systems Janitorial supply can hook your company up with the equipment you need fast.