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NSS Stallion 8SC Carpet Extractor Pioneer Eclipse 20" Low Speed Electric Swing Scrubber Photo Refurbished Eagle Talon 21" Propane Buffer Photo
Refurbished Advance Aqua Clean ST 16" Electric Carpet Extractor Advance PBU 27" 2011 propane buffer with 18HP Kaw Onyx Black Diamond 27" Propane Buffer - Refurbished
Refurbished Advance PBU 21" Propane Buffer Photo Refurbished Stonekor 21" Propane Buffer with 18HP Kaw Photo Refurbished Tornado Floorkeeper EZ20 20" Floor Scrubber
Refurbished Tornado Floorkeeper EZ20 20" Floor Scrubber
Our Price: $1,895.00
Sale Price: $1,895.00
Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 28" Propane Buffer- 3 years old or less! Refurbished Betco 21" Propane Buffer Photo Refurbished Nobles 2001 20" Floor Scrubber- grey model
Pioneer Eclipse 420BU 28" Propane Buffer- 3 years old or less!
Our Price: $1,895.00
Deal of the Month Price: $1,395.00
Savings: $500.00
Refurbished Betco 27" Propane Buffer with 18HP Kawasaki Engine Photo Refurbished Tennant T1 Micro Scrubber Advance Advolution 20B 20" Battery Buffer with Brand New Batteries Photo
Refurbished NSS 27" Battery Buffer Photo Refurbished NSS Wrangler 3330 Floor Scrubber Photo Refurbished Clarke Encore 28" Autoscrubber -Without Nose Cone Photo
Refurbished Nobles SS-5 32" AutoScrubber Photo Nobles SS-5 28" Autoscrubber Photo Refurbished Advance Adfinity 20" REV Orbital Floor Scrubber
Refurbished Clarke Encore 28" Autoscrubber WITHOUT NOSE CONE Refurbished Clarke Encore 33" Autoscrubber Photo Refurbished Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine 28" Photo
Refurbished Clarke Encore 28" Autoscrubber WITHOUT NOSE CONE
List Price: $2,995.00
Our Price: $2,995.00
Refurbished Pioneer Eclipse Mean Machine 28"
Our Price: $3,195.00
Sale Price: $3,195.00
Clarke Encore 24/26 Floor Scrubber Refurbished Clarke Encore L30 30"  Floor Scrubber Refurbished Advance Convertamatic 26" Scrubber Photo
Advance Warrior ST 28" Auto Scrubber Photo Tennant B7 27" Battery Powered Floor Buffer Photo Refurbished Nobles 3301 33" Floor Scrubber Photo
Refurbished Nobles 3301 33" Floor Scrubber
Our Price: $3,795.00
Sale Price: $3,695.00
Savings: $100.00

Refurbished Floor Machines

To renovate or redecorate. To repair or make improvements to something

“Refurbished” isn’t a bad word and we don’t treat it like one. It doesn’t=NEW, because NEW= a BIG price tag. But we take pride in the time and energy we have invested in these machines.

First, each one is thoroughly cleaned. Next, if necessary, repairs are done and old parts are replaced with new ones. Our expert technicians then carefully inspect and test the machine to make sure it meets our high standard. Finally, it is shined and detailed. The results is a machine that looks great and performs even better.

Each of these machines comes with a 30 day warranty, just for your peace of mind. So check our selection of refurbished buffers, scrubbers, carpet extractors and sweepers. You won’t be disappointed!

Reconditioned Equipment We Carry

We offer a wide variety of refurbished floor cleaners, repaired and rebuilt in-house by qualified technicians. Our goal is to ensure you’re equipped to manage your maintenance needs at a price that is affordable. These performance systems include:

Carpet Extractors

A new machine may be quite costly. You can literally save hundreds of dollars and receive a machine that is thoroughly repaired and cleaned. Each unit is ready for deep cleaning and removing deeply embedded soil, dust, dirt, and allergens. To ease things further, we offer a financing plan allowing smaller payments.

Floor Stripping Machines

Our floor strippers are inspected, cleaned, and repaired when necessary, so you can be confident your purchase will be fully functional. Stripping machines from top manufacturers are available. These durable products get the job done while saving you the cost of a new system.

Floor Sweepers

Industrial cleaning equipment is available in many types and sizes. Helping you find the best item for your business, we guarantee high-quality and completely refurbished machines, whether they’re battery powered or electric corded. Our inventory of floor sweepers is available at low prices and through convenient financing plans.

Floor Scrubbers

Refurbished floor scrubbers are repaired and inspected before being sold. We maintain a process that guarantees each unit is up to professional standards. Machines from Pioneer, Clarke, Tennant, and other leading manufacturers are sold. We also offer extra and replacement parts at competitive prices to ensure your scrubber works as designed.

Buffers and Burnishers

Your business requires a floor buffer to remove dirt and debris and ensure everyone at your facility is safe. Every unit is inspected, repaired, and cleaned so customers have a choice of high-performance models from top manufacturers at prices they can afford. Our customer service team will ensure you find the battery-powered, electric-corded, and propane-powered buffers and burnishers you need.

Refurbished Floor Machines from Performance Systems

We have also made it easy to locate the equipment best suited for your facility. Refurbished machines can be found by type and according to brand. Products from Advance, Factory Cat, Tennant/Nobles, Windsor, Clarke, NSS, Tornado, Eagle, Pioneer Eclipse, and Viper are available. Sort our catalog by availability, price, manufacturer, popularity, and more for convenience and to speed things up.

Our skilled technicians can also diagnose and repair problems with all makes and models of floor cleaning equipment. When floor sweepers and machines break down, it’s often unexpected, and your business may not be ready for the expense of a new system. For assistance finding refurbished floor cleaners for your commercial or industrial business, contact us by submitting your information on the Web or by calling 800-747-5096.

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